Sunday, October 24, 2010

wHen I Was 60 i WilL...

when i was 60 i will be a successful businesswoman with a such a happy that time probably i already have 3 must be really the stage of age,all what i need to do is giving orders  to all my i will have a lots of free time ..i can spend my pastime for a vacation with my family and spend most of my time by decorate my house which is part of my hobby that i cant manage to do it when i was the age of 60 i will also be one of the represntative for the woman association..this is because by being one of the representative i could help the single mother and the most important things is i will always being alert to the surrounding issues and i will try to ensure all the woman will be protect..

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My FavOuritE cHildHoOd MemOry

My favourite childhood memory???wahhhh..this is the most difficult task...hurmm...Seriously,seems i had forget most of my childhood memory..but there is one tender memory that i cant and i wont forget..its all about me and my friends..when i was a child im a litte bit boyish or 'tomboy'. i love to mix with boys more than girls..i follow them to river,catch fish with hands..haha..during that time seems i do not afraid of nothing except my day, when my father was out to work my friend name syafiq called me and ask me to follow them..he said that they had such a fun plan on that day..without told anybody i just follow them..we walk almost 2km to the palm oil farm to catch the fish there..the fish was big and there's  many fish..i was excited but it did not longer lasting because after i managed to catch a fish my brother came and fetch me home..when i reach home my parent keep advising me and force me to behave like a girl..starting from that they always keep their eyes on me...and now i am totally a girl..haha

Thursday, October 14, 2010

mY dReAm..

here comes something that i love to talk blog is all about we know everybody in this world have their own do with my whole life there is a fews dreams that i really want to achieve and i believe i can achieve first and the biggest dream i ever had dream of is, to be a rich people..hehe..i believe i could achieve it..nothing is imposibble in this hard will definately worth not dreaming to be a millionare but rich will be fine..haha..this is because by a rich person i will have some money so, i can send my parent to Makkah as what they had dream..parent will always be my no one..then, i also want to have my own business,this is because i dont like to be order to do this and to do that..thats why i am taking business management as my basic..besides, knowledge is very important now..i also dream to have a happy family with a loving husband that will always encourage and support me in order to success in my we know people always said that "there is a woman behind a sucessfull man" but for me i want my husband to be my backbone and my a married woman for sure i want kids to cheer up our would love to have two girl and one kids will definately be a cute and active person...hurmmm i hope, i wish and i will put an effort to achieve all my dreams..Insyaallah...

Friday, October 8, 2010


procrastination is avoid doing something that must be the other word atymology..atymology???haha..if i dont look in the dictionary i will never know that atymology is avoid doing something..hehe..this topic had help me to add one of my vocabulary..ok again its all about myself..i also can be the part of a group of people who really loves procrastination..on my own word..doing last minute job..herrmmm..i try to avoid it but still i cant..anybody who have an idea or opinion how to change this bad attitude me..procrastination is a very bad i had facing it many time..the results my work was incomplete,mess up and definately will get my head dizzy...but yet i did not come to my sense..i do realize it but all my friends surround were just like when i have an intention to change its always being stuck..hehe..friends influence..hope i will change one fine day..Insyaallah..

Sunday, October 3, 2010


prayer???i had been given this topic to talk about or to make a story about it..reluctantly, i have no idea what i'm gonna talk about matter what it is, i still need to brainstorm my brain and ensure something will come out..ha..finally i got something to share here..its all about my prayer that i made to our God a last and youngest child in my family i always feel alone..i need an accompany to play with..someone that will cheer me that time i wish that i have a power of miracle because by having that i can make a wish and i could wish for a friend..hehe..sound silly isn't??then i told my mom..but she just ignore me..hermm..adults..always dont care about what children think..then i told my baba..which is my father, he told me "dear why dont you pray because Allah will always be with you" that time i dont really understand but i still do it..i pray that my mom will give me a baby..haha..few months after that i got a very surprising  news that my sister in law give birth to my first niece..waa..all this time, i didn't know that she was the happiest person on that time..eventhough the baby not from my mom but God had grant my wish to have an accompany..Thanks God..